35 Must-know Instagram Stats For Marketers [Infographic]

Instagram has made its position very clear alongside Facebook as one of the most, if not the most, influential social media networks of the digital age.

And as if it’s changing in a blink of an eye.

New features are rolling out on the platform now and then, making it an essential avenue for marketers to engage, sell, and grow their business to new heights.

So as you move forward with double excitement and a new Instagram marketing strategy in 2021, stop to take a look at – what the new Instagram stats have to show?

Instagram statistics are a great way to catch-up with the latest industry trends and incorporate them into your marketing strategy. Knowing how Instagram has behaved for other businesses will help fine-tune your marketing plan for the upcoming quarters.

To make the deep-dive into new Instagram stats super quick for you, we have compiled a list of statistics into a value-providing and eyes-pleasing infographic.

We’ve divided the Instagram statistics into various sections:

  • Instagram Demographics – It will tell you how many people use Instagram and characterize them in terms of age, income, location, and gender.
  • Instagram Usage – How people are accessing and using Instagram.
  • Instagram Engagement – Get Insights on the engagement behavior of Instagram users, i.e., the type of content that both the user and the algorithm like.
  • Instagram Businesses – How businesses are using Instagram to market themselves – social selling, customer service, content marketing, etc
  • Instagram Ads – How brands are investing in Instagram ads, their returns, and the kind of response they receive on Instagram ads

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Let’s dive!

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Instagram statistics 2021 key takeaways for marketers

Instagram demographic stats takeaways

  • Instagram user stats prove that the platform has a giant audience pool for every business to find its target audience.
  • Instagram continued to be a hotspot for the younger generation. So make sure your marketing strategy includes plans for targeting millennials effectively.
  • If you are a brand targeting a global audience, keep in mind that most of the Instagram users are from the USA, India, and Brazil.

Instagram usage stats takeaways

  • Instagram stories are still the favorite way for people to gobble down the brand or personal content. So give stories a major share of your content strategy and keep exploring all the things you can do with the ephemeral feature.
  • Even after the roll-out of exciting features, such as reels and IGTV, the Instagram audience creates most of their content in single image format.
  • Instagram has maintained its steady growth as people are frequently using the platform.

Instagram engagement stats takeaways

  • Carousel posts succeeded in garnering the best engagement rate on Instagram. So make space for more carousel posts in your calendar, and make each slide interesting enough to keep users scrolling.
  • You ought to use more faces in the content you produce. They seem to generate a more emotional response from your audience and make your marketing more human-centric.
  • Good news! Hashtags are still working on Instagram. So use hashtags effectively along with your Instagram posts.

Instagram business stats takeaways

  • It’s pretty clear from the new Instagram facts that people love to discover and connect with brands and their products on the platform. After the launch of the Instagram marketplace, the platform has become a promising place to promote and sell your products.
  • Instagram Influencer marketing is an excellent strategy for brands to create a genuine connection with their audience.

Instagram ads stats takeaways

  • Instagram is a fantastic ad avenue fused with facebook’s extensive ads targeting features, and having a large pool of demographics; it becomes easy to realize the capability of Instagram’s targeting features.
  • Due to Instagram’s less intrusive and more interactive ad experience, millennials love to discover brands on Instagram ads.
  • In a nutshell, Instagram is a great place to target millennials effectively, and luckily you can do the targeting easily because of the exciting ad targeting features.


The incessant growth of Instagram’s audience, features, and ad capabilities is excellent news for marketers wanting to grow their brand awareness and sales.

The above Instagram facts and statistics will help you quickly adapt to the rapid growth of Instagram and gives you insights to steer your Instagram marketing strategy in the right direction.

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