4 Best WordPress Hosting with their “PHP Workers” Numbers

Want to know about PHP Workers and how they work? Why they are important for WordPress websites? Which hosting site provides maximum PHP Workers? Here are the answers of your questions.

What are PHP Workers?

PHP Workers execute or process the PHP code and build or generate the html page to serve a visitor who visits your site. It perform all background process or tasks.

For example. In a bank, one clerk can serve one client at one time and do all backend tasks to get your work done. While other customers have to wait in a queue or a line.

Next customer will get served when first customer completes his task with the clerk. Similarly, five clerks in the bank can serve five customers at a time.

Same as, if any site site has one PHP Worker, then everything will go through a single lane. Having multiple PHP Workers means many processes can be processed at once.

PHP Workers executes or clear the PHP processes very fast those are in queue within milliseconds.

According to Chris Lema

“High Traffic Stores need more PHP Workers”

PHP workers are essentially the concurrent threads that your web server allows you to spin up so that you can have more lanes on the highway. If you have more traffic, you want more lanes or else you get gridlock.

– Chris Lema

How does it works?

When someone visit your site, then this request is received by NGINX or Apache (web server) first. NGINX decide what to do with that request. If cache (cached page) is available then this request is serve instantly to visitor.

If cache is not available then Nginx send the request to PHP. PHP renders the whole page and send it back to web server. And webserver updates its cache and web page is servers to the visitor through the browser.

What types of sites need more PHP Workers

A static website like a personal portfolio, a small business websites  generally don’t need high amount of PHP Workers. Dynamic websites like high traffic or large eCommerce websites (WooCommerce), a busy blogging site (WordPress website) OR a forum site with many users online at a time.

A complex or busy or high load site needs more PHP Workers. They handles all the un-cached requests and helps your website load faster. It’s very important while choosing a web hosting plan that it fulfil your websites load requirements or not.

What happen when there are not enough PHP Workers

To get faster performance for your larger or high traffic WordPress site, it is important to have enough PHP Workers. Low number count means less engagement with visitors or they become busy and they start making queue which leads to slow PHP processes.

It results in the performance issues or slow site loading. When your site’s PHP Worker limit is over it leads to incomplete request or 504 Gateway time-out error or 502 Bad Gateway error (occurs after a timeout of 60 seconds in the PHP worker’ queue.).

504 Gateway Error
504 Gateway Error

Choose a right hosting plan

Slow or hanging sites presents a bad user experience or even negatively impact your site SEO. Google loves fast sites. Your website is an important part of your online business, it should be hosted on a secure and fast hosting.

PHP uses CPU resources to process the code. A faster CPU means faster code execution. A SSD storage server are faster then traditional HHD servers and can help in faster code execution and database queries.

So your server must have SSD disc and enough CPU cores, resources and most important latest PHP version (PHP 7.4 is the most stable and faster then other versions).

Here to help you, we have listed some web hosting sites with their PHP Workers offering in the basic entry level plans. However, these are differ in all plans from entry level to highest level of plans.

You may consider these managed WordPress hosting companies for your large and high traffic WordPress or eCommerce site.

4 Managed Hosting companies compared with their PHP Workers numbers

  1. Nexcess — 10 PHP Workers per site
  2. InMotion Hosting — 4 PHP Workers per site
  3. WPX Hosting — 3 PHP Workers per site
  4. Kinsta — 2 PHP Workers per site
  5. WpEngine – Unknown

Let’s dive in to deep.



10 PHP Workers each site

Price: $19/mo*

Naxcess is a managed WordPress hosting based on Cloud that offers base 10 PHP Workers per site and are are scalable up to 20 for the just entry level plan Spark costs at $19/mo.

To get 20 PHP Workers (scalable to 40) you have to pay $79/mo. for Marker plan. Similarly for 30 PHP Workers (scalable to 60), you have to go with Designer plan that costs $109/mo.

As you go with the higher plan, you will get the more the number. The entry level with the price of $19 a month is the most affordable for this type of hosting.

Yearly billing gives a discounted price for the first time purchase. They have owned data centers located in Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America. Apart from all this, there are plenty of reasons to choose Nexcess managed hosting:

Nexcess Features

  • 14 Day free trial
  • 15GB storage in base plan
  • 2TB bandwidth
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • 250GB free CDN
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • 24hr every month for free cloud scaling
  • Inbuilt page caching
  • Free SSL certificate
  • iThemes Pro security
  • Object cache plugin
  • Free staging environment
  • 30-Day backups
  • And lots more!


InMotion Hosting

4 PHP Workers each site

Price: $4.99/mo*

Inmotion Hosting offers 4 PHP Workers per site for the entry level plan WP-1000S. While WP-2000S plan ($4.99/mo) has 6 in numbers.

If you go with the highest plan WP-4000S ($7.99), you get 12 PHP Workers. The basic introductory pricing for the managed WordPress hosting starts at just $4.99/mo.  when paid for 3 years.

Minimum 1 year billing required for a new account. Their data centers in Los Angeles and Washington D.C.  Other reasons to choose InMotion’s managed WordPress hosting are:

InMotion Features

  • 50GB storage
  • Unlimited bandwith
  • Free domain and SSL
  • Staging envirinment
  • 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • CDN
  • cPanel



3 PHP Workers each site

Price: $20.85/mo*

WPX, a managed WordPress hosting from $20.85 when paid yearly. Monthly price of the basic plan is $24.99/mo. You can host up to 5 sites in the entry level plan.

3 PHP Workers are offered in all the 3 plans. They are having server locations in USA, UK, Australian. Keep in mind, WPX is shared hosting platform. Here are the other reason why to choose WPX:

WPX Features

  • High-Speed Custom CDN With 26 Global Edge locations
  • 30 Day Money-Back
  • Daily malware scanning & removal
  • Staging area
  • Automatic & manual backups
  • Free SSL
  • Custom dashboard
  • And lots more.



2 PHP Workers each site

Price: $30/mo*

Kinsta is a Google Cloud based managed WordPress hosting provide and offers 2 PHP Workers per site for the entry level plan.

The basic pricing starts at $30/mo. For just 4 PHP Workers, you have to pay $100 a month for Business 1 plan. For 10 PHP Workers with Enterprise 2 plans you will have to pay $900 a month. That’s too high.

Single domain domain hosting is allowed in entry level plan. 10GB storage, 50GB CDN storage, and 25000 visits are the highlighted features for the basic plan. Here are other reasons to choose Kinsta:

Kinsta Features

  • Global server locations as it is Google cloud based
  • Staging area
  • Multisite supported
  • Automatic daily backups
  • Free SSL
  • 30-day money back guarantee



Unknown PHP Workers each site

Price: $30/mo*

This is a well known brand for managed WordPress hosting based on Cloud. WpEngine refuses to disclose how many PHP Workers they give to each site. Also, there is no information is available for this in google or other platforms.

But WpEngine is trusted by many popular brands for their hosting needs. Their basic pricing starts at $30 a month for entry level plan. The plan includes single domain hosting with 10gb storage, 50gb bandwidth. Other few reasons to choose WpEngine are:

WpEngine Features

  • one-click staging site
  • one-click staging site
  • Advanced security
  • SSL certificate
  • CDN
  • Page performance monitoring
  • And lots more.


We have given you a quick over to choose the fast managed WordPress hosting. More number of PHP Workers can boost the WordPress performance magically and it can open more lanes for your website visitors.

Nexcess is the only host who offers maximum PHP Workers (base 10 per site) and other enough resources at an affordable price.


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