Announcing: Real time collaboration, Testing, Instragram and more


A very busy January for the Botsociety team! We released a bunch of new features, tutorials, support for Instagram, Slack, MS Teams and Google Chat, and more workshops.

Real-time collaboration

Just like as you would expect: Collaborate in real-time with other users on the same design. No more being locked out! Also works with users who do not have edit access, and even if someone does not have a Botsociety account. Just send them your URL, or use the Share button.

Test with real humans: Prototype mode

Botsociety Prototype mode

We released prototype mode! It allows anyone to try out your design, type what they want and give you feedback. You can then review this data and add it to your design, discard it or use it to create new flows. Best of all, it’s free!


Botsociety Instagram Demo

You can now design Instagram chat interactions on Botsociety. We support both iPhone and Android preview of a conversation between a brand and an Instagram user. Check it out!

Slack, MS Teams, Google Chat

Botsociety Slack Demo

We released support for Slack, MS Teams, and Google chat. These productivity chat tools are interesting to design as bots can jump into a multiple-user conversation that is naturally already happening. Check it out!

Botsociety Workshop

Botsociety Workshop

The January Botsociety workshop was a total blast! We had more than 50 designers on our free Zoom workshop. Our own Dylan Wilczkowiak went through how to get started in conversation design (here on Youtube). We are now gearing up for the next workshop, which will take place on February 19th. RSVP for free on meetup!



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