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Manufacturing bots that lessen manual interaction and promote automation to increase the productivity of all business lines endow TaskOnBots among the best task management software listed at GoodFirms.

A Global BotMyWork Idea:

Incepted in 2017 and based in Lucknow, BotMyWork is a group of inspiring minds who believe in the dynamism of bots. Since its incorporation, BotMyWork is toiling and helping millions of clients in achieving their business goals.

They’ve successfully generated various chatbot integrations for company collaboration and messaging platforms like Slack, Hangouts Chat, and others.

Along with that, their Chatbot Builder for Facebook efficiently works to automate client support and boost sales by raising conversational marketing. The team aims to produce bots that reduce manual interaction and support automation to enhance the productivity of all business lines.

The chatbot designed at the company is ain’t industry-oriented only, but it is for anyone who wants to leverage the magic of automation and strengthen its engagement level with audiences can do that without dependence on their staff, respectively.

The bots developed also supports NLP and works on the latest AI technology. The company’s progress is due to its team collaboration and the passion for taking the world of chatbots to new heights.

BotMyWork holds dedicated developers who continuously work on advancing and optimizing code to make things easy to achieve. The developers, designers, writers, marketers, and everyone who engages in BotMyWork serves with full keen to bring automation in clients’ business.

How Is TaskOnBot Unique From Others In The Competitive Market?

Imagine that today companies are responsible for a process whereby clients can apply for a service. One unit takes the customer call, and another reviews the application to ensure all the details are correct.

Another team checks that the underlying infrastructure is in place to provide the service and other groups book the resources to do the work, and only then can another team start the value-adding work.

This is a tedious process; hence, TaskOnBot is simply one that supports business people to manage the flow of service from one step to another, while seizing important management information. It manages all of the clients’ business on Slack.

It helps the clients by assigning tasks, increasing productivity, reducing repetitive activities, and checking task summary to get their employees’ analytical performance on slack.

Check out the below-mentioned features that set apart TaskOnBot from others in the industry:

  • It is a one-of-a-kind task manager bot through which the managers can ascribe someone to do something during an ongoing discussion in Slack. It helps to assign duties to reduce the client’s manual efforts.
  • Through TaskOnBot, the managers can keep everyone on the same table by reminding them about assignments before the due date. This alerts the team members involved so as to provide a positive working culture to boost employee productivity.
  • It helps the business people to automate all their repeated tasks in order to save a lot of time that can be used to meet their current project deadline. The managers need to add the duties, set frequency of recurrence, and end date of repetitions without dropping their Slack to remove their recurrent activities.
  • TaskOnBot also helps the managers to display the current status, up-to-date progress, and important issues that can influence the work process on a single dashboard. Moreover, it also produces a task summary report that can be downloaded in various formats. Administrators can then convey this report with a single click through their email account.

Besides this, there are some additional features that will allow one to decide at the time of picking TaskOnBot software for their businesses, respectively.

  • It streamlines tasks with simplification.
  • The software also built-in task statuses to fit each of the clients’ business task workflows.
  • It enables the managers to meet deadlines with no clock ticking.
  • It supports administrators with real-time notifications to enhance their respective workflows.
  • TaskOnBot provides custom fields for adding extra information about the tasks.
  • It is an excellent software as it saves time by integrating Google calendar in clients’ respective workflows.
  • One can connect TaskOnBot to more than 2000 apps with Zapier.

Thus, improving the productivity of the clients’ business through proper delegation of tasks endows TaskOnBot to earn the title of one of the best task management software amongst the listed ones at GoodFirms.


Whether clients manage a few projects or a lot of projects, there is a plan to fit their workload. However, TaskOnBot is free to use for small teams, and one can upgrade for advanced features and a large team.

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