Build A Chatbot Funnel With Facebook Messenger Chatbot

‘Marketing’ – This term has seen the ups and downs of the industry for ages. There is no denying the fact that the concepts of marketing root down to history. But, today, they are expanding increasingly towards modernity. The several stages were conceptualized in the chatbot funnel with the launch of eCommerce marketing concepts eventually moving towards messenger chatbots and the virtual reality era.

Marketing is the cause of sustainability for any business for that matter. And, with the augmentation of eCommerce altogether with artificial intelligence personified as chatbots, the results found are more profitable and dynamic.

Henceforth, further in this blog, we’ll discuss the 3 crucial steps to build an e-commerce funnel with messenger chatbot so as to keep up with the technology incorporated in various marketing stages elevated as eCommerce marketing funnels and benefitting the customers as well as entrepreneurs with the fruitful results.

Step 1. Analyze & Re-Purpose

While building your eCommerce Chatbot Funnel, the first aspect that you must consider is your “Goal”. Because your first and foremost goal of having a chatbot for eCommerce Funnel should be to expand your existing lead generation funnel. The traditional marketing chatbot funnel incorporates 5 critical stages, namely,

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Evaluation
  4. Commitment
  5. Sale

Each of these 5 stages is connected together to navigate the journey of your buyer. Therefore, a keen analysis of each effort that you have been making for every step will help you in structuring the flow of your eCommerce funnel chatbot. Your Messenger Chatbot is efficient to help you generate new leads, to nurture the leads by sending them free offers, to sending them personalized and detailed messages. All you need is to take a step ahead towards installing your eCommerce Funnel Chatbot and automating your regular business processes.

Step 2. Install eCommerce Chatbot Funnel

The step of installing eCommerce Chatbot Funnel to automate your marketing processes helps you with two options to choose from.

1. Use Facebook’s standard chatbot

Facebook’s Messenger Chatbot is highly customizable and eventually has a high maintenance cost involved. Messenger bot certainly allows you to create an efficient chatbot. But, I recommend you to only proceed with this step if you have time and money.

2. Use External Chatbot Builder Platform

There are many external chatbot builder platforms that support you in building sales messenger chatbot all by yourself. These tools are much suited for marketers who are diligent and wish to start quickly. The chatbot builder platform provides easy drag-n-drop functionality to set up and configure the chatbot for your marketing chatbot funnel.

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Step 3. Setup eCommerce Chatbot Funnel For Your Marketing Phases

The 5 stages or phases of the marketing process are constant always. It’s just the change in technology and methodology that takes effect. We’ll take the same 5 stages and see how messenger chatbot supports eCommerce chatbot funnel.

1. Aware your target audience

Having a small business with a well-conceptualized market strategy is exactly what you need for a traditional marketing approach. You have a clear knowledge of your product and services. You can easily increase customer count and sales rates with such marketing strategies and approaches. But, marketing your products/services to the masses is a tedious process. The first thing that you must do is identify who you’re marketing to and why. Knowing your target audience helps you in determining as to how and where to reach them.

For example, training your eCommerce chatbot funnel to determine the exact demographics and interests of your site visitors can help your customers indeed in having a navigated flow to learn the information and your messenger chatbot will determine whether your visitor is actually a potential lead or whether he can be ignored.

2. Attract And Connect Your Audience

This phase is all about having the right content for the right audience, delivered at the right time. Knowing your target audience, you must analyze their preferences to attract them towards your business. We all know how pestering it gets when we provide our emails to the website in exchange for some resources and then the companies sending all kinds of promotional emails and offers, spamming your mail inboxes.

Facebook Messenger chatbots here play a vital role. They present themselves as an all-in-one landing page to deliver the best possible solution for all you need. The Facebook Messenger chatbots can outsmart the visitors and attract them by pointing out their pain-points and offering a solution to exactly what they have been looking for. Again, the smart placement of content flow with the chatbots on the forefront will not only attract the visitor to exchange information. It will also keep them motivated to connect with the chatbot and explore more for the easy solutions to their problems.

3. Engage And Convert Your Potential Leads

Once you’ve generated the leads, the actual process starts here. At this stage, the lead is highly susceptible to taking an action that will lead them further towards the final conversion. This opportunity can either convert your lead to your customer or can make you lose your lead forever.

Wondering how your eCommerce chatbot funnel will be capable of handling such a critical situation?

Let’s take an example to clarify the doubts. Assume that your chatbot welcomes the lead and offers him an e-book resource on digital marketing. Your bot has successfully taken the email id of the lead and delivered the resource. What’s next? Now, your chatbot can survey the lead with the following questions like –

  • How much would you like to spend on digital marketing for your business?
  • Are you an agency, small eCommerce business, or a flourishing business?
  • What are your objectives for looking out the resources on digital marketing?

And so on…

Based on the reply of your lead, the chatbot can proceed with the conversation and try to convert the lead by extending your digital marketing services to them.

4. Get Your Potential Leads To Take Necessary Actions

When your chatbot funnel is all done with the engagement and lead generation processes, it needs them to take a certain action, i.e., sending the almost converted lead to the final offer. This final step can be anything to everything like sales consultation, trials, demos, meetings or partnerships, etc.

5. Satisfy And Delight Your Customers

eCommerce chatbots funnel are already on the mission to serve the customers to their fullest satisfaction by providing them the best customer support assistance possible. Chatbots can also delight their customers by notifying them to unsubscribe the current chat to avoid the promotional content. While they’re still open to join the conversation anytime they feel like. Also, the constant availability and regular support affect the customer’s behavior and ultimately affect their decision-making capabilities. Since chatbots provide a one-to-one real-time conversation environment to each customer, it helps make themselves feel more connected and heard.

eCommerce Chatbots Funnel Are All Set To Soar Your Business High!

Using the messenger chatbot for your business can help you take your marketing funnels to the next level. eCommerce chatbots funnel define an environment where you’re connecting with your customers and not selling them directly. Hence, it aims to bring in more engagement and opportunities. Facebook messenger’s eCommerce funnel chatbot facilitates more personal, effective, and interesting marketing approaches with unlimited possibilities.

Explore your opportunities now!

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