Chatbot Builder Case Study: Boost Webinar Audience

The Company Overview

Industry Type: Wellness Company


About the Company

Established in 2015, Go Naturopathy is a registered wellness company offering health counseling services. The founder & head consultant, Mr. Vishal Saini, a young Naturopath & Food Nutritionist believes in the 3 aspects of life towards better living, i.e., Right Food, Right Lifestyle, & Right Breathing.

His belief led him to successfully help over 2,000 patients to become disease-free and live a medicine-free life. His team works together into finding the best alternative natural treatment through diet plans, lifestyle coaching, & conscious breathing. Henceforth, they provide Public Wellness Seminars and Private Consultation across the globe and claim to provide treatments based on evidence ONLY rather than medicinal interventions of any form.

The Problem Case & Challenges

The Problem Case

Dr. Vishal Saini (Doctor of Naturopathy and Natural Medicines) developed his online course of Naturopathy worth $69. He aimed to inform his audience of this online course via conducting weekly webinars.

The struggle here was the process he followed to acquire more traffic and the audience and the struggle that came along with it.

The Challenges & Struggles

Dr. Vishal Saini had carefully planned the campaign to get the most from his efforts. But the reality hit him hard when he observed the data for all the efforts he made.

Dr. Saini invested around $350 in three days for running Facebook Ads, i.e., on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. While he got 2500+ leads on his websites’ landing page,

Although he captured the attention of many and acquired a good number of leads. It seemed hard to get the leads converted into the webinar participants. Sharing reminder emails and messages only fetched him a handful of participants out of the captured leads, i.e., hardly 200 subscribers registered for the final Zoom Webinar.

Out of the limited total participants, he got only 10-12 paid clients who purchased the online course of Naturopathy.

While he calculated the expenses on investment and returns he earned, the result was as following –

Email Marketing results

Well, putting so much effort into running the email campaign, Facebook Ads, constant reminders, etc. only earned him an ROI of $406.

The Solutions Implemented

Although Dr. Saini used Facebook Ads to generate leads. He used email marketing to inform his audience about the upcoming webinar. But the major issue was the low read rate on reminder emails and that always resulted in a lower number of participants in the webinar.

We were very clear with the problem and we decided to capture leads on Facebook Messenger via BotMyWork’s Chatbot Builder Tool.

Surprisingly, we never thought of using a chatbot in such a way before. Although we were well aware of the various application fields of chatbots. Considering Dr. Saini’s requirements and challenges, understanding each level and associated struggles was important for us too to drive the best results with Chatbot implementation.

With the help of this tool, we helped Dr. Saini and his team in developing a custom chatbot that will help them fetch and boost the webinar audience rate converting into participants and paid clients eventually.

We made few changes in lead generation flow and added a Messenger Checkbox opt-in form with Lead Generation Form. While making changes in the existing processes, we also realized the importance of custom chatbots in business promotion activities. And, it was new learning for us too to think differently and perceive the situation in a whole new aspect to achieve our targets with Dr. Saini and his team.

Forms Preview

Lead Generation Form:

Lead Generation form

We also modified the Thank You page. We added a Messenger Opt-In Link on the Thankyou Page so the visitor may also join on Messenger from the Thank you page.

Webinar Thank You page

And finally, we added a Messenger button with every follow-up email.

Well, all these minor modifications in the landing pages and thank you page redirected the site visitors to the messenger chatbot for further processing of the subscription and webinar participation.

The Outcomes of New Efforts!

After installing and implementing the Facebook Messenger bot, Dr. Saini, and his team along with us witnessed the unimaginable results.

Within the first week of implementation of Messenger Chatbot, we managed to gather around 500 subscribers on Messenger chatbot. This number was the best of all time in itself giving us the hope to aim for better.

We saw an amazing response on the messenger chatbot.

The total number of participants in the webinar crossed 400++. Also, 30 conversions happened immediately after the webinar. The ROI also improved with an improved conversion rate. Now,

Messenger Marketing Results

Convinced by the week’s results, Dr. Saini and his team decided to extend the Chatbot-Messenger campaign for the upcoming week too.

The Continued Efforts…

Dr. Saini and his team decided to invest the additional amount of INR 5000 in running Facebook Ads and email campaigns to make email subscribers join the Chatbot conversation as well.

The combined efforts fetched them with a good outcome of around 500 participants joining the webinar.

But, when everything goes smoothly, the business is no fun. And the same happened to them too. While they were getting more and more participants joining the webinar, unfortunately, somehow their webinar got crashed. And all the participants in the webinar dropped.

The good thing was that they managed to get it fixed soon. Dr. Saini and his team rescheduled the webinar soon for the next day and informed all the participants about the change via messenger chatbot as well using the broadcasting feature of Chatbot Builder.

The Unbelievable Results!

Till now, it was the mixed efforts that showed the results. But the failure of the webinar and reminding the participants of the rescheduled webinar gave an amazing, clear picture.

When Informed via

Email Campaign

When Informed via

Messenger Chatbot

Message Read Rate 28% 80%
Click-Through-Rate 18% 50%

Dr. Vishal Saini expected 50 people to join the webinar on the rescheduled date considering the whole situation. To his surprise, he got 250+ participants and 25+ paid clients for the online course he was offering.

email marketing vs messenger marketing

It was a whole new record for him and a delightful surprise.

We Rejoice the Happiness of our Clients. ALWAYS!

BotMyWork has always aimed to provide the best solutions and help to its clients. Serving clients like Dr. Vishal Saini to achieve his goals and rejoice the surprise motivates us to work even harder and better. We always believe in the power of personalized marketing approaches and thankfully, we never had it hard to help our clients achieve their goals via Chatbot Builder Tool and Messenger Marketing concepts.

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