Conversational components, workflow customization and more

A very busy March for the Botsociety team! We released a bunch of new features, tutorials, a podcast episode, and more workshop appointments.

Conversational components with the clipboard

Never design something twice again! With Conversational Components, you can create components and re-use them across different designs. You can also share the components with your team, or only with yourself. You can try it out on Botsociety for free.

Workflow customization

Workflow customization

You can now set up different stages for your project, for example, “Pending” or “In Review”. You can then assign a design file to a custom stage to coordinate with your team or just keep your work tidy. You can also subscribe to a particular stage to get notified when a design reaches that stage. You can try this out on Botsociety for free.

Customize path color

Botsociety Customize Path Color

You can now customize the color of your paths! It makes it way easier to navigate your canvas and make sense of your design. You can also assign a workflow stage to any path and coordinate that way. You can try it out on Botsociety for free.

VoiceUX meetup with the Deloitte Conversational Team

The next VoiceUX will have an amazing set of speakers. We will host the Deloitte Conversation Design team! The problem of titles and roles in Conversation Design, why do you want to be a conversation designer, and the biggest mistakes that aspiring conversation designers make. Book your spot on Meetup here.

New Conversation Design Podcast Episode!

Alexia Grassies is Product Owner Conversational & Social Developments at AirFrance. We talked with Alexia about how her team started with a focused, single-use-case chatbot, and grew it to a very powerful conversational experience at Airfrance. How her team faced the challenges that Covid posed. And I asked her what is her advice for Product Managers and Designers approaching the conversation design world for the first time. Check out the Podcast here.


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