Create One To Connect With Your Followers

Facebook has updated the API from Facebook Messenger and it’s now available for Instagram. This means that companies and developers are now allowed to integrate Facebook Messenger functionalities into Instagram. This includes auto-replies, integration with CRMs, and the possibility to use an Instagram chatbot!

What is an Instagram Chatbot?

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t mean the automatic bots that follow other accounts, like posts, and leave comments on targeted lists. We mean Instagram Chatbot: A software program that enables you to create an automatic conversation with your followers using artificial intelligence. Having a chatbot will help you improve customer experience by providing instant support and solving their issues right away.

Why create an Instagram chatbot?

Instagram has over one billion active users and it’s ranked 6th in this year’s most used social media platforms. This platform launched ten years ago as a photo-posting platform but it has evolved into a more complete one. Now you can share videos, sell products, send messages, and much more.

Nowadays, 200 million users visit at least one business profile daily. This has turned Instagram into an important sales point. Companies can include chatbots to manage requests, improve customer experience and generate engagement.

Creating your Instagram Chatbot

  • Personalize your chatbot: Define the function (sales? customer service?), personality, the goal, etc.
  • Plan the conversation: Make sure the chatbot answer the questions that your customers will have.
  • Create the design: Use a chatbot application like Botsociety to create a mockup of your conversation before producing the full version.
  • Integrate it to Instagram: Use the API provided by Facebook to incorporate your conversation in your Instagram account. Be aware that this is in beta mode. At the moment it’s only available for some companies such as Adidas, H&M, Michael Kors, and Sephora. The release date of the official version is not confirmed yet.


Create an Instagram chatbot to automatize conversations and engage with your audience. Apply these best practices and create now. Use with Botsociety to start!


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