How To Access Coronavirus Information With Help Of Messenger Chatbot

The expeditious spread of COVID-19 across the countries have raised many challenges in accessing the varied information and resources. The challenges grew more with the initiation of social distancing to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Being physically apart, our dependency on technology for various reasons like to stay connected with our loved ones, exchange aids, and information has increased. The technologies today are much more advanced than previous pandemic periods. Therefore, its widespread use is obvious to expect.

But eliminating the entertainment purposes for your quarantine, the AI-based technology is also keeping up to help out the needy. Chatbots are really helping out to navigate the information accessed over this pandemic.

Wondering how?

Since its been months when we heard of the Coronavirus spread, many organizations and healthcare industries involving chatbot services have geared-up to configure their bots for providing the updated information like the front-line defense team. In this blog further, we’ll be further discussing how these chatbots are impacting the situation of pandemic COVID-19.

Chatbot: #StaySafe I’m here to help you!

There might be several bots implemented to access the information from the direct sources. Facebook Messenger chatbots are also taking a step in the same direction. Some chatbots are feeding their audience with general information on coronavirus while others are completely dedicated to providing specific information like based on a particular location or the queries raised by the visitors.

1. FAQs on the Coronavirus

The pandemic situations usually witness a great risk towards the lives and livelihoods. And such situations also increase the rate of misinformation. People forward messages on WhatsApp groups and other social platforms without confirming if its true or fake. Often these widespread misinformation causes serious problems to the prevailing situations. Hence it gets essential to share the crucial information that is correct, clear and helpful.

Hence, the FAQ-based chatbot is most important in the current scenario because the bot will answer the correct information to the visitor’s question. Chatbots can even share the links of the trusted sources of information to prove its authenticity. For example, the World Health Organization(WHO) is the most trusted source of pandemic information. The WHO’s WhatsApp bot shares the information in FAQs form and avoids spreading the common myths about the virus. The questions and answers are clearly defined in the most simple and understandable language to avoid confusion and get the facts delivered.

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2. Symptoms and advisory

This fast-spreading coronavirus signifies the increasing tolls of deaths and infected peoples worldwide. The hospitals & emergency clinics are attempting to provide enough staff, quarantined spaces, and other resources to treat each of their patients. The continuous pressure and burden to help out the increasing cases are by spreading the wider information on the starting symptoms and the related advisories. Hence, having messenger chatbots can help you in conducting the simple and short health surveys to detect the symptoms and then can further generate the advisories based on the analysis results of the survey. These surveys personify the situation to provide the same feel as if your doctor is questioning you about the symptoms. The messenger chatbots also recommend the advisories for the common medical conditions and raised the advisories for the basic cures to avoid the overcrowding of the local clinics and overburdening the medical staff.

3. Mental health is equally important

Pandemic situations like coronavirus spread don’t only risk the physical health of the people, the fear, stress, loneliness, and anxiety impact mental fitness too. Sometimes, these conditions can grow so strong that they ultimately result in people moving towards depression. Hence, it gets more critical to stay positive and calm.

Messenger Chatbots Take A Upper-hand Amidst Coronavirus Effect

Messenger Chatbots are highly-effective to serve the world under COVID-19 considering their efficiency and flexibility.

  • It is easy to update the real-time information from the trusted sources
  • The people can get every information at one place in the clear and simple language
  • Regional and local languages feature extends the supports to each section of the society
  • Chatbots reduce the requirements of staffing people for extending information to the concerned peoples.
  • Messenger chatbots are simple to use, build and configure

Chatbot: Don’t Panic, Stay Calm And Safe!

Yes! Many companies have come forward to lay a hand of support by building messenger chatbots for sharing the leading information about the coronavirus and busting the myths. BotMyWork vows to help all its clients and customers amidst this corona effect by supporting them in building a Messenger Chatbot to spread real-time information and that too with its free plan. We understand that in such a crisis, the financial stability of the businesses is put on the test and we all avoid making unnecessary expenses. Hence, our free plan to build chatbot is our initiative to extend support to our existing clients and customers.

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