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The Vive Flow, a small form-factor headset HTC launched in 2021. HTC

Just days ahead of the Meta Quest Pro debut, HTC is teasing a new Vive VR headset. And aside from a photo of what appears to be a lens, HTC hasn’t shared any information on this device. It simply calls the new headset “small.”

Enthusiasts may remember the HTC Vive Flow, a small form-factor headset that HTC launched in October of 2021. The Vive Flow isn’t very popular among critics or customers, though it’s the lightest and slimmest VR headset in HTC’s portfolio. There’s a decent chance that this new headset is a follow-up to the Vive Flow, though of course, it may be a completely new device.

Either way, HTC probably wants to bring some attention to its hardware ahead of the October 11th Meta Quest Pro event. Early information suggests that Meta Quest Pro is an incredibly light and slim VR headset, so it may compete with whatever HTC is teasing today.

We’re also interested in how HTC will market this headset. The Vive Flow is a casual device that piggybacks off of a smartphone—it’s a bit niche and old-school. A more powerful VR headset with a similar design would fare much better among enthusiasts, gamers, and professionals.

Oh, and don’t bother investigating HTC’s teaser image. Cranking up the brightness simply reveals the words “nice try.” Very funny, HTC!

Source: HTC via TechRadar

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