Integrate BotMyWork Chatbot with CoreCommerce Store

eCommerce platforms have become a blessing for every entrepreneur. Creating a catchy eCommerce website is a child’s play with these platforms. Just a few drag and drops and your website will be ready in minutes.

There are a plethora of eCommerce platforms in the market. But I’m gonna talk about the one that is easy, fast, and reliable and you read about it in the title – CoreCommerce.

So here are the things you’re exactly gonna learn in this article:

  1. What is CoreCommerce?
  2. Benefits of using a CoreCommerce chatbot
  3. Steps to integrate BotMyWork chatbot with CoreCommerce store
  4. How to add the JavaScript code into CoreCommerce

What is CoreCommerce?

CoreCommerce is a platform that lets anyone create and set up their online store in a jiffy. It’s especially useful for the small eCommerce businesses who don’t need enough resources to run their Online Store.

They can use the CoreCommerce platform to set up their eCommerce store in no time.

But what after setting up your CoreCommerce store? You’ll get more visitors. And once the traffic accelerates, managing it would become a challenge for your service reps.

Here chatbots come into handy. And as you know Facebook Messenger chatbots are the ones that are trending the most these days.

Therefore, I recommend you to place a Facebook bot at your CoreCommerce store. And let me tell you the benefits of doing this.

Benefits of Using a Chatbot on Corecommerce

Let me mention some of the convincing benefits of using a Facebook Messenger chatbot at your CoreCommerce store. It can be simply done by using BotMyWork Chatbot with CoreCommerce Store.

1. Saves Resources

Whenever I talk about the benefits of using chatbots, this is the one that comes into my mind at first. Using a chatbot can save a great number of resources for your business.

You don’t need to hire more manpower to handle more clients. A chatbot can handle hundreds of them at a single time. Moreover, they don’t rest, stop, or leave their desk so the user can get a real quick solution for his problem.

Along with this, chatbots are 24/7 available and don’t let the users wait for getting their queries resolved.

2. Increases Conversions at Your Store

Conversions are something every business is craving for. And if your business is not grown enough, converting visitors into subscribers will get really hard for you. This is where a chatbot can be super effective.

It can collect data from the users which you can analyze to understand the behavior, likes and dislikes of a visitor. And based on that data, it can suggest products, content, or services that can easily convince a user to take action.

3. Engages visitors on a personal level

Chatbots are getting smarter day by day. And if your bot is smart like BotMyWork’s chatbot, it can collect the data from the users. You can then process this data, and filter it as per the tags and attributes to provide a personalized experience to them.

For example, the BotMyWork’s Facebook Messenger chatbot collects data from the users about their interests. If a user is interested in formal shoes, it can assign a custom tag to the user like “formal shoes” and send him the offers related to formal shoes in future with its Broadcast feature.

4. Helps You Provide the Best Possible User Experience

As I mentioned in the previous point, a smart chatbot can collect data and deliver content that interests a particular user. This is the key to improve the user experience at your online store.

Depending on the buying behavior and the previous purchases of a customer, a smart chatbot can recommend products to them. Products that are similar to previous purchases and can persuade customers to make another purchase.

5. Attracts Fruitful Customers Through Retargeting

If a user has viewed a product within your chatbot, you can smartly retarget that user and persuade him to buy it after a specific time duration. Doing this makes sure that you bring back your lost users to your store. And if they come back, they come back with more potential to complete the purchase.

Steps to Connect Your Corecommerce Store With BotMyWork

  1. Go to and log in using your Facebook account. We’re always concerned with the security of our user data so you don’t need to worry about it.
  2. After successful login, click on Create A New Bot and connect it to your Facebook Page. If you don’t connect it, you’ll face errors in further steps.create a new chatbot with botmywork
  3. After clicking on Create new bot, you need to create your flow. The flow is a series of messages a user will receive from your chatbot. To create a flow, click on Stories in the menu option on the left side of the screen and under the Welcome section, click on Create New Group. Groups collect all the flows you build for your chatbot. This makes it easy for you to find out a specific flow if you’ve hundreds of flows for your bot.chatbot flow in botmywork chatbot builder
  4. Your new group is created. Rename this group to CoreCommerce and add flow in it. Click on the flow and change its name to Entry using the field on the top right corner.creating entry for corecommerce chatbot
  5. After renaming your flow click on it and a text box will appear. If it doesn’t, just click on the Text option in the carousel. Type your welcome message in the text box. Customers will receive this welcome message as soon as s/he clicks on the Get Started button on their Facebook Messenger chat.corecommerce chatbot flow in botmywork
  6. So you’ve created your welcome message. Now click on the New Attribute option to add an attribute in your flow. An attribute segments the users as per their source. If you’ve 2 websites and added your bot on both, attributes will help you identify which user came from which website.corecommerce chatbot attributes
  7. Select Entry attribute and in the attribute value field, add CoreCommerce Chat.attribute values for corecommerce chatbot
  8. After selecting attributes, navigate to Plugins menu option on the left side of the screen and click on the Create button.create chatbot plugin in botmywork
  9. You’ll get 3 options. Select Customer Chat and change its name to CoreCommerce Chat and click on Create.create chatbot widget in botywork
  10. Here, you just need to pick your follow up message which is Entry in this case. Add your domain name and copy the code you see on the screen.corecommerce chatbot widget code in botmywork
  11. Now paste the code at the page on your website where you need the widget to be displayed. Let me show you how to do that.

How to Add the Javascript Code Into CoreCommerce

  1. Log in to your CoreCommerce store.
  2. Navigate to the Edit HTML/CSS under Design sectionedit html/css in corecommerce
  3. In the Select a file to edit dropdown, select header.htmlselecting header.html file in corecommerce
  4. Paste the code you got while creating your chat widget right before the end of your </head> tag.adding chatbot widget code in corecommerce
  5. Scroll up and click on the Publish All buttonpublishing corecommerce chatbot

Once you click the publish button, the chat widget will be displayed on the frontend of your CoreCommerce store.

botmywork chatbot on corecommerce store

And that’s all. You’ve successfully integrated BotMyWork chatbot with your CoreCommerce store.

Final Thoughts

CoreCommerce has been in business for over a decade. And it has already helped countless businesses so far. This platform is alone powerful but integrating a BotMyWork Chatbot with CoreCommerce store can make it even better, smoother, and cost-efficient.

So if you’re also looking for these three qualities at your store, which I’m quite sure you probably are, you can give it a try.

Any query or suggestion, the comment box is all yours.

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