LEGO Releases a 2,300-Piece Foosball Table You Can Actually Play – Review Geek


LEGO has unveiled several of its popular “Ideas” creations in 2022 like the Jazz Quartet set, but this latest LEGO Ideas build kicks things up a notch. While it’s smaller than the original fan-submitted design, LEGO is releasing a buildable and playable Foosball table.

It’s called the LEGO Ideas Table Football and will be available starting November 1st for $249. You could buy a full-size Foosball table at that price, but then you wouldn’t get the pleasure of building it piece-by-piece while enjoying over 20 minifigures simultaneously.

The official LEGO Table Football (Foosball) comes complete with 2,339 pieces, four movable rods, and each rod holds two foosball players. With that many bricks, it’s not for the faint of heart, but it’ll certainly be a joy to build. Obviously, you’ll also have a goalie at each end, and once it’s all built, let the games begin.

Better yet, the new LEGO creation comes with 22 uniformed minifigures and 44 unique heads and wigs. That way, you can assemble each player with a customized look, create different teams, and have several different foosball matches.

So, why are there 22 minifigures when each team only has a few players? Well, that’s because the LEGO Table Football set also comes with some grandstands, or bleachers, with the football match having a crowd to watch the game. It’s pretty neat.

This looks like an awesome LEGO build for any die-hard fan, and it’ll undoubtedly make a great gift right in time for the holidays. Just remember that LEGO bricks hold it together, so don’t get too aggressive during gameplay. Grab yours starting November 1st from the link below.

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