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An exciting feature of Instagram called vanish mode allows its users to send disappearing messages. With the use of this mode, people can make their sent text disappear from the chat window right after the recipient leaves the chat or disables the function. Though it is quite an amazing feature to use, it is recommended to utilise Instagram’s vanish mode while messaging known individuals or friends as the recipient is allowed to take a screenshot of the text message before it disappears.

However, the application will notify the sender if the receiver snaps any screenshots. Looking at other possibilities, the recipient can also use a camera or other device to capture a photograph of a message before it vanishes.

If you haven’t tried Instagram’s vanish mode, you can follow these below-mentioned steps to turn on this feature on your mobile application:

  • First, launch the Instagram application on your mobile device.
  • On your feed, tap the Send or Messenger icon available in the top right corner.
  • Next, tap on the particular chat you want to send a message in vanish mode.
  • Swipe up in the chat window to activate vanish mode.
  • If you want to exit vanish mode, swipe up once again in your chat.

Instagram will notify users each time they send a disappearing message in vanish mode. If a person sends you a new message when you are not in vanish mode, you will also be alerted. Here are some necessary factors that a user should keep in mind before using Instagram’s vanish mode:

  • Disappearing messages can’t be copied, saved or forwarded.
  • Message requests do not include this feature. Thus, if a person with whom you are not connected on Instagram, won’t be able to access vanish mode.
  • Certain professional accounts are not eligible for vanish mode.
  • Vanish mode is only available while chatting with another Instagram account. You cannot use it in a group conversation, a chat using Messenger, or a conversation with a Facebook account.

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