Solving Automotive Design Challenges With Simulation

The development of new hybrid and battery electric vehicles introduces numerous design challenges. Many of these challenges are static or low-frequency electromagnetic by nature, as the devices involved in such designs are much smaller than the operating wavelength. Examples include sensors (such as MEMS sensors), transformers, and motors. Many of these challenges include multiple physics. For instance, sensors activated by acoustic energy as well as heat transfer in electric motors and power electronics combine low-frequency electromagnetic simulations with acoustic and heat transfer simulations, respectively.

Multiphysics simulation makes it possible to account for such phenomena in designs and can provide design engineers with the tools needed for developing products more effectively and optimizing device performance.

In this webinar, guest speakers Kyle Koppenhoefer and Joshua Thomas from AltaSim Technologies will discuss the development of low-frequency electromagnetic simulations. The webinar will also include a live demonstration using the COMSOL Multiphysics software and a Q&A session.

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