The Best MagSafe Accessories for iPhone of 2022


Update, 10/04/2022: We’ve reviewed our recommendations and have updated our best MagSafe wallet recommendation with the iPhone 14 compatible MOFT wallet.

What MagSafe Accessories Can Do for Your iPhone in 2022

Those who’ve been in the Apple ecosystem for a while probably remember the term “MagSafe” used for the easy-release magnetic power cables that used to come with Apple products a few years ago.

The current-day MagSafe is different. The one that Apple has built into the iPhone 12 onward is meant to facilitate faster cordless charging and uses a ring of magnets embedded in the back of the device to attach to a cordless charger and hold it in place.

This magnetic ring also makes a handy mount for a variety of other accessories, some also charging your device. Apple assures users that MagSafe magnets are shielded and safe to store in your pocket with your debit card, but maybe think twice about throwing your hotel room key in there next to one.

Since its introduction, a variety of cases and accessories have been made to work with the MagSafe feature on these newer iPhones. Some products work better than others, and you’ll want to be sure your accessory actually includes its own ring of magnets that attach to the ones embedded in the iPhone.

For example, some manufacturers will say their case is “MagSafe compatible,” but that will really just mean the case is thin enough for the magnets in the phone to connect to a charging dock. These cases will almost certainly have a weaker hold, and you’ll run the risk of your phone disconnecting. If that accessory is supposed to hold the phone up, you are risking your phone taking a nasty fall!

Apple’s line of accessories is made to work with MagSafe, but there are several strong third-party options out there. This list will cover both, so let’s get to it.

Apple Silicone case one green and blue background


  • Works with other MagSafe accessories
  • Complete edge and button coverage
  • Not too bulky


  • On the pricier side, especially for the leather version

If you need an iPhone case you know will work with MagSafe, you can’t really go wrong with the official Apple case.

Apple’s MagSafe compatible cases come in silicone and leather, both with a variety of colors to choose from. The latest run of cases was designed for the iPhone 13, and Apple says they work with all MagSafe accessories, as well as Qi-certified wireless chargers.

The case covers all the buttons and edges, including the bottom of the phone. The phone buttons fit well into the pockets designed for them, so you shouldn’t have any trouble clicking them, even through the silicone of the case. It’s thin enough not to add a lot of bulk.

Peak Design’s Everyday Case, which comes with its own line of impressive magnetic accessories, gets an honorable mention in this category. Already a standout in the photography gear world, Peak Design has come out with a set of magnetic accessories for its case ranging from bike mounts to tripods. They’ve designed a square magnetic area on the back of their case for their accessories to mount to that’s both similar to MagSafe and MagSafe compatible.

Best Magsafe Case

Apple MagSafe Charger on grey background


  • Made by Apple, compatibility won’t be an issue
  • Charges very quickly (15w)
  • Small form factor

Once again, the official product line takes the honor of ‘best’ with Apple’s MagSafe Charger. This puck-shaped charging pad wins for overall charging speed, charging your phone at 15 watts (W) as opposed to the 7.5W or 5W rates of other products. Its slim design doesn’t take up much space, and it aligns just right with the MagSafe area on the back of the iPhone for an efficient charge.

There is one caveat with this charger, however—cord length. Apple’s MagSafe charger comes with a cord that’s only 3.2 feet long, so don’t plan on hooking your phone up for a lengthy charge unless you’ve got an outlet or extension cable nearby.

Honorable mention in this category goes to the Sonix Magnetic Link Wireless Charger—it’s almost ten bucks cheaper, charges at a rate of 10w, and the cord is about twice as long as Apple’s model.

Best MagSafe Charger

Apple MagSafe Charger

A slim cordless charging puck made by Apple that attaches to the back of a MagSafe-enabled iPhone.

Belkin 3 in 1 charger on white table


  • Supports 15w charging
  • Charges three devices at once
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space
  • Great aesthetic


  • High price, especially if you don’t own all three items

If you’re in the Apple ecosystem, chances are you’ve got devices like AirPods or an Apple Watch. Belkin’s 3-in-1 Charging Stand lets you charge everything at the same time. Apple sells this stand through its official store, so you know it’ll be properly compatible with MagSafe.

The aesthetics of Belkin’s stand is in line with Apple’s signature all-white minimalism. When attached, the iPhone will even appear to float, which is neat looking. There’s a branching arm to attach an Apple Watch, and a divot in the base fits AirPods nicely.

The 3-in-1 wireless charger is one of the pricier products on our list, but it will be worth the cost if you’ll get daily use out of it.

Belkin’s 2-in-1 Stand for iPhone and AirPods gets an honorable mention here. It’s basically the same product, with one less area for charging. So if you don’t have an Apple Watch but still like the Belkin stand, this could be a fit for you.

iOttie Velox used in car


  • Strong magnetic hold, even with a case
  • Acts as mount and charger
  • Fairly fast charging rate for a car charger at 7.5w
  • Includes cigarette-lighter USB adapter


  • Cable is built into the charging unit

While there are quite a few MagSafe compatible car mounts that will hold your phone in place nicely, not many of them also act as a charger. The iOttie Velox does both, and while it isn’t the fastest charging rate (7.5w), it’s still a lifesaver on the road when your battery is low but you need directions.

Another plus for this car charger is the included cigarette lighter port adapter—other options similar to the iOttie charger offer an adapter, but don’t come with one out of the box. If you don’t have a car with a USB port built-in, the cigarette lighter adapter comes in extremely handy.

Early reviews say the hold is strong, even with a case, and it stays steady during long rides in the car. The Velox definitely won’t disappoint.

Best MagSafe Car Mount

MyCharge superhewro packs on blue background


  • Comes in multiple capacities
  • Cool color schemes to choose from
  • Compact and easy to take with you


  • Will get pricey if you want the 9,000 mAh model

MyCharge’s nifty portable Superhero MagLock Power Bank comes in a variety of colors and capacities, depending on your needs. All are MagSafe compatible, and the raised ring makes it easy to know where to connect your phone. It’ll even play a sound when charging starts and stops, so you can be sure your phone is connected.

These power banks come in 3,000 mAh, 6,000 mAh, and 9,000 mAh sizes which will get you an extra 16, 32, and 48 hours of battery life respectively. They’ll work with your iPhone 12 or 13, and prices start at $50 for the 3,000 mAh model. A USB-C port lets you charge your phone a little faster or recharge the power bank.

Honorable mention in this category goes to the Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini, a 5,000 mAh bank that’ll charge your phone once at full capacity. It also comes with an adhesive to stick on the non-MagSafe side, so you can mount it to something else.

Best MagSafe Battery Pack

MOFT MagSafe Wallet on pink background


  • Card cover and integrated stand
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Can fit three cards inside
  • Quality construction materials


  • Your cards aren’t instantly accessible

The MOFT Snap-on Wallet, compatible with all MagSafe cases including those for iPhone 14, is perfect for anyone who wants a bit more than a simple card pouch on the back of their device.

The wallet differs from most MagSafe wallets in a few ways. Firstly, it closes to completely cover the cards inserted into it. And even with the maximum 3 cards inside, it remains pleasingly slim on the back of your phone. It also features a stand as part of the hinge that snaps the wallet closed. Open the wallet, and the stand folds out; close the wallet, and it folds flat again.

If you are familiar with MOFT stands and cases, you will know that the quality of materials isn’t something that’s scrimped on. The same is true for the wallet, which is constructed from metal, fiberglass, and 16 magnets to ensure it stays firmly secured to your MagSafe case. All that is fully encased in vegan leather, available in colors that range from Jet Black to Classic Nude.

Apple’s MagSafe Wallet also deserves to be mentioned, particularly if you want slightly quicker access to your cards. It doesn’t include a stand mechanism but is still a great option if you like to keep things sleek and simple.

Best MagSafe Wallet

MOFT Snap-on Wallet

Combining storage for three cards and a multi-position stand, the MOFT wallet is the MagSafe accessory you need in your life.

Joby Tripod on pink background


  • Small and portable
  • Lets you mount your phone to other tripods
  • Includes attachments for mic or light
  • Good for most situations where you’d need a phone tripod
  • Includes bendy tripod leg attachment

Want to film a TikTok or get a timelapse? Joby’s Griptight Tripod Mount might be the answer. Unlike other phone tripod mounts or standalone tripods, you don’t have to snap your phone into a case or clamp plastic jaws around it.

Just stick your iPhone to the magnetic attachment, and you’re set. It also comes with a pair of jaws you can use for added security if you want to use them, but you shouldn’t need to.

In addition to coming with bendy tripod legs that are fine for most situations, you can mount Joby’s attachment onto multiple other tripods. It also has threads you can screw a light or microphone onto when filming, and lets you rotate the phone 360 degrees to capture different angles.

Honorable mention in this category goes to Moment’s MagSafe tripod mount. It lets you mount your iPhone to just about any regular photography tripod, but doesn’t come with legs like the Joby version.

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