Top Reasons Why Chatbots are Important in CRM?

Reasons why chatbots are important in CRM?

Whether offering food or asking for advice or any consultation from a medical practitioner or about their finances, people interact with customer support chatbot via text or voice at least every day. They are revolutionizing the customer support services as we know them. And if you are thinking of keeping up, you will need to implement a chatbot for customer service in your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) strategy.

No matter which industry you belong to, customers are the single most essential asset for your business or brand. Moreover, a chatbot provides a sense of direction, clarity for the company. Perhaps, the need to cultivate them is vital for your business’s ultimate success. Before introducing a chatbot for customer service, such conversations are labor-intensive (by human staff) and a major cost center to businesses. And this includes customer support and your sales representative too.

How do we define CRM?

In the first place, CRM means Customer Relationship Management. It’s computer software designed to manage conversations with prospects. A CRM system supports businesses to build prospect relationships and streamline processes by collecting information. Also, it helps in raising sales, improving support services, and revenue generation.
CRM is a kind of strategy for managing all your business relationships with your audience base. It is a tool that tracks numerous areas such as contact management, workflow, sales, and more. Some of the biggest gains in productivity can come from moving beyond CRM as a sales tool and embedding a chatbot for customer service- and handle from HR to support services to supply chain management.

Why should a customer support chatbot be a part of your CRM?

We know customer relationship management (CRM) software tool is fantastic at helping to automate and streamline marketing and sales activities, a chatbot for customer service can drive your CRM strategy ahead of the curve and become more productive than ever.

According to CSO Insights, less than 40% of companies have a more than 90% CRM adoption ratio.

If we talk about the biggest challenge any business venture face with CRM (customer relationship management) is the low level of usability and adoption rates. This primarily caused due to significant reasons, they are as follows:

Poor UX

CRMs with poorly designed UX design and interfaces also decrease user adoption, productivity, and loss of sales opportunities which negatively impacts the overall growth.

Manual data entry

Hubspot suggests manual data entry is the number 1 CRM adoption challenge. Sales staff are often bogged down by the extensive manual entry of customer information. Eventually, this affects productivity but also demotivates businesses to use CRM more often. Even Salesforce suggests that 20% of a representative’s time is spent on CRM and other administrative data entry.

Hence, a sales representative’s or staff is valuable to the business, and cutting down on the time and cost spent on manual tasks allows to close more sales and perform better. And one effective way to tackle these challenges easily is by integrating a chatbot for customer service with your CRM system. It will help you automate your support game, simplify data-entry, offer instant access to information, and enhance user experience.

Here are the top reasons why bots are important in managing your CRM!
But we would suggest that chatbot for customer service can seriously support making CRM a better tool to function more effectively and efficiently. If you are still not convinced? Then, below are some of the reasons why customer support chatbot and CRM go hand-in-hand?

So, let’s check out how chatbots help boost CRM adoption and automation?

Automate Data Processing

A CRM chatbot plays several roles. It controls audio calls whenever a sales rep talks with a prospect. It helps you capture keynotes, insights, and details from the prospect and automatically enter the information into the CRM system. A chatbot can log in all the customer information like cost, budget, challenges, and objectives about any product or service and offer needed information to the customers directly and even to the agent. At the same time, on a sales call with the customer. And, hence turned out to one of the great and good customer service examples.

Faster data access!

As we discussed above, to simplify and automate the data entry process, CRM bots can also access the custom information via chat. Users or sales agents can ask in national language questions like- “what is the deal size of customer B?” “When is the follow-up due for customer C?” etc. all this can happen within their messaging interface into the system. This reduces unnecessary navigation through the complex data pages and can function within less time and effort via a chatbot for customer service.


Simplifies further entries!

So, we are now on another user or one of the excellent customer service examples. It’s quite annoying and troublesome navigating through the pages to general customer information. But with the implementation of a chatbot for customer service, updating records will be made simpler and quicker. This can be achieved without even logging into the CRM system every time, and an update has to be done. You can interact with your bot in human language with text or voice inputs to update records as per the need. For instance, Add customer T’s phone number- 945367289. Isn’t it cool?

Accurate and efficient

By deploying a chatbot for customer service, the accuracy of the users’ messages is higher. You can train and define the chat flow as per your wish while keeping in mind your customer’s needs and expectations. As it is an AI-powered tool, the response is faster and more relevant. This is likely to be a better CRM application development for any business. A bot finds out the accurate data from the database and lets the user know it instantly without any delay—this reduced wastage of time, errors and building a healthier relationship with the prospects.


Last but not least, this use case and one of the excellent customer service examples will tempt you!
With a well-designed intelligent chatbot for customer service, you can successfully replace the expensive CRM development services. This will help you cut-down a major expense in a business and save capital for the crucial areas. Hence, CRM bots can be a more cost-effective and feasible option for any business or brand out there. By diminishing the unit of customer satisfaction, you can invest in other sectors of your industry. This will help you get an added advantage and a better way of growing budding ventures in all directions.


To sum up, I would say that CRM needs to be a functional unit in any corporate setup. Moreover, the companies’ additional services, such as implementing CRM bots, are considered an excellent way to optimize the relationship. Hence, adopting a chatbot for customer service is the best thing to do for new and budding businesses. Take a step ahead with BotPenguin; after all, customer satisfaction makes a company strive in the market.

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