WordPress Chatbot: A Comprehensive Setup Guide

WordPress is the leading platform for building business websites, either eCommerce or non-eCommerce, while Messenger marketing is a potential lead-generating strategy with 1.3 billion Messenger users.

So, with WordPress, you sell better. And, with Messenger, you generate better leads.


How to integrate them, and extract the full potential in one place?

The answer is; by using WordPress chatbots.

BotMyWork, a leading chatbot builder company or firm has designed a WordPress plugin called “WP-Chatbot Builder for Messenger” that allows every WordPress user to attach a chatbot to their WordPress website, that interacts with visitors and converses with them on the behalf of their business.


WordPress Chatbot — a smart automation tool that brings the entire messenger marketing and adds it to your WordPress-based business website. It has enormous potential, and serves your website visitors 24/7, reducing your workload, and collecting potential leads.

All for FREE.

So, the next question is; how to set up one such chatbot for WordPress on your website?

Here’s a short setup video that quickly explains how to add a chatbot to your WordPress website, or WordPress-based eCommerce website.

Further, in this article, we will see a detailed step-by-step guide to adding a chatbot plugin to your WordPress site.

But, before jumping into the setup procedure, let’s have some discussion on what chatbots are, and how they actually work.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a chat robot.

Chatbots are computer programs designed for chatting purposes with prospects on various interactive mediums — FB Messenger, website, or other places.

They answer 80% of standard business questions. And about 54% of businesses use chatbots. Overall, we have about 3000,000 chatbots (2018) over the internet active round the clock.

benefits of chatbot

Source: MyClever


A chatbot is a software program designed to simulate human-like conversation with the audience through automated messages, artificial intelligence(AI), Natural Language Processing(NLP), and chat flows; to promote, help, engage, convert, and support the audience at various social media platforms or websites.

When those chatbots are integrated with your WordPress websites, they get the name WordPress chatbots.

In this article, we are targeting WordPress chatbots, but, in case you want to learn about standalone chatbots for your Facebook business page, you can read: Messenger Chatbots

How WordPress Chatbots Work?

Almost all chatbots work on the pre-recorded chats. That is, the person needs to tell what a chatbot has to reply when asked a query with a certain keyword or sentence.

For example: The image below is from the backend of the BotMyWork free WordPress chatbot plugin that we are learning to set up in this article. Here, in the left panel, you enter and ask any question to the chatbot while in the right panel, is what the chatbot replies.

So, a chatbot is just a program that intelligently chooses output based on the input received and sends it to the person on the other side.

bot working

This is the core principle working of chatbots.

But there are multiple techniques used such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand the received chats to deduce their meaning in a better way. Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are also used to improve the way chatbots reply.

The BotMyWork WordPress chatbots that we are discussing, work on the same concept too. And, these pre-recorded chats are termed Q/A.

You can add multiple Q/As to keep your chatbot ready to answer customer’s queries.

The WordPress chatbots, as said before, sit on the WordPress website. They are connected to your Facebook business page. So, you don’t need to keep your eyes on two platforms for your conversational marketing.

This plugin works as a bridge to connect your chat-generated-lead on a WordPress website to one common base — to Messenger. And, you can leverage full chat marketing on your WordPress website as well as FB, on your FB page.

On the prospect’s side, they can chat either as Facebook users or as guest users.

user see bot as

When chatting as guests, the website visitors don’t need to have an FB account, and none of their details will be apparent to chatbots or at the admin end.

While visitors chatting as Facebook users would share their public data, such as their name, gender, location, etc., to give a personalized chat experience.

So, either way, WordPress chatbot is a great tool.

Benefits of Chatbots on WordPress Website

Chatbots on your WordPress site have some evident marketing advantages that are unparalleled with any other marketing technique.

The major benefits are:

1. Talking vs. Telling

Chatbots talk to your audience through a two-way conversation, while other marketing ways such as emails, blogs, ads, etc. tell your customers about your products and services.

Talking over telling gives several amazing benefits. Conversational marketing lets the audience share their queries in real-time directly to the brand, and expect an immediate response.

Talks (through chats) with a brand pertain longer into the minds of the customer than what they read from other promotional ways. Further, chatbots are also good at collecting information while in the interaction. Hence, chatbots are smart marketing tools that directly interface between your brand and your customers.

2. One Tool Multiple Benefits

A chatbot is a potential tool that can take different shapes based on what your business needs. And, it won’t be wrong to say that chatbots are one tool with multiple benefits.

They can do dynamic work, based on how and what you train them for.

A chatbot can engage prospects by interacting with them at various platforms such as websites, Messengers, and other chatting platforms. Chatbots are also capable of making conversions; selling the product and services directly through chats.

So, chatbots can find leads, engage and convert them, provide customer support, collect essential information, and other things.

3. Very High Engagement Rates

Chatbot uses a conversational approach, and as a result, the engagement rates are really high as compared to emails or other marketing ways.

Messages sent by chatbot have an open rate of 70-80% and a click-through-rate of about 10-23%, which is considerably much more for sales promotions, branding, and other marketing objectives.


4. Effective Cart Abandonment

An abandoned cart is a serious eCommerce problem that almost every eCommerce business is frustrated with, particularly during the festive season.

Although it’s not possible to recover all the abandoned carts, hopefully, there are some great ways to recover a portion of abandoned carts. A chatbot is one of those ways.

The key is; find the pain points of the customers that lead to the cart abandonment, resolve it and re-engage them back to sales. However, the real challenge in the way is; how to find pain points, where to re-target them, without frustrating them anymore?

Chatbots are very effective when it comes to cart abandonment.

BotMyWork chatbots add a checkbox in the checkout page, which if the users tick, get updates on the products directly on their Facebook Messenger.


Chatbots are good at one-to-one re-targeting.

WooCommerce store owners can go through a detailed article on all top ways to recover abandoned carts. This article points out the major problems that might be the reason for high cart abandonment and further suggests the best possible solution.

5. Broadcasting

Chatbots let you broadcast messages to all your subscribers in just one click.

Broadcasting is very effective if you have a limited-time sale or any particular brand news which you want to convey to all subscribers. It saves a lot of time and effort.


The broadcasts created by BotMyWork Chabot Builder have a good option to schedule it, or choose the targeted person, and set notification-related settings, making it handy and customizable to your business needs.

To use this broadcasting feature, you need to sign-in with BotMyWork Chatbot builder and access the BotMyWork main panel.

Now, you may be looking for ways to set up Chatbot to your WordPress website, so let’s move ahead with the setup process.

Complete Setup of WordPress Chatbot

So let’s get started with the setup process of BotMyWork’s WP-Chatbot Builder, a free WordPress chatbot plugin.

The entire, ready-to-use setup can be done in five simple steps. These steps are simple and all of that takes less than half an hour.

The majority of the time goes into setting up the Q/As.

As a pre-requirement, you need to have a Facebook business page. If you don’t have one, learn to make a Facebook business page and its importance.

The five steps are:

  1. Plugin installation
  2. Connect your Facebook page
  3. Optimizing the settings
  4. Creating Q/As
  5. Your Chatbot for WordPress is ready to use

Here is a visual guide for setting up the stages of the WordPress chatbot to your website.

steps by step process of wordpress chatbot setup

After the end of this section, you would be able to connect a chatbot to your WordPress website which would integrate Facebook messenger marketing and WordPress website to one common platform.

Let’s look at them in detail one by one.

1. Plugin Installation

Plugin installation is simple and the same as every other WordPress plugin.

  1. Go to add Plugin menu, click on “Add New
  2. Search for “BotMyWork Chatbot” in the search bar
  3. Click on “Install” and then “Activate

install wordpress chatbot plugin

After the activation of the “WP-Chatbot Builder for Messenger” Plugin, a separate menu is added in the WordPress main vertical menu as:

botmywork builder

This menu contains all the settings and customization regarding the plugin. But before you see the setting option, you need to connect your Facebook page to the BotMyWork Chatbot Builder.

2. Connect Your FB page

After clicking on the WP-chatbot builder menu in the WordPress dashboard, a dashboard of BotMyWork chatbot builder appears asking to connect your Facebook page, as shown below.


Click on the “Connect Facebook Page”.

This will take you to the Facebook login page if you are not logged in to Facebook. Otherwise, it will ask you for continuation with your logged-in Facebook account.

Next, a popup will appear asking you to select the page you want to connect with the bot. As I have just one page “Easy Shop”, so I will continue with that.

fb page

Click on “Next” after selecting the page.

A new pop-up appears asking for some permission.

Like every mobile app or software, all require some permission to use some essential information to work effectively. In the same way, BotMyWork WordPress chatbots plugin requires some permission as well.

These are:

necessary permission

The pop-up page also links to the privacy policy of BotMyWork, which you can read before giving these permissions.

Once you click “Done”.

page list

Finally, back in the dashboard, the selected Facebook page is added and listed. Click on the “Connect” button to link the chatbot with the page.

3. Optimize the Settings

After installing and connecting the chatbot with the Facebook page, all you need is to optimize the settings and customize the chatbot as per your needs.

The overall setting is classified into three categories, these include:

  1. Setup
  2. Customize
  3. Lead

setting list

1. Setup Setting: The setup section contains four setting as follows:

botmywork setup setting

Enable: Check this to enable the chatbot on your website. Save the setting by clicking the “Save” button.

Welcome message: This message appears to every visitor who opens up a conversation with the bot. You can welcome your prospect with your brand name and message.

Default Message: Since chatbots are limited in intelligence, and may often fail to understand the message they receive from website visitors. Using this section, you can set a default message that is sent by the chatbot, when such a situation arises.

Q/A: Using this section, website owners can generate the chat flow. What a bot replies when it receives a certain message. We will explore this in more detail in the next section.

2. Customize Setting

We have added a chatbot to our WordPress website. Now, with a customized setting, we can make it look and work as per our needs. The setting option it contains includes.

botmywork customize setting

Messenger Theme Color: Using this setting, you can make the bot theme color look as per your brand needs. Because color psychology matters in business and is a good way to communicate with the subconscious minds of the prospects.

Device Behaviour: Using this setting option, you can set the responsiveness of the chatbot. If you want the chatbot to work on desktop or mobile, or both, choose accordingly.

Display: In this option, you can select pages, where you want chatbots to display.

Dialogue greeting Delay: You can set the time after which the greeting dialogue appears.

3. Leads

BotMyWork WordPress chatbots also have a feature of lead; where you can see a list of interactions your bot has made over time. It displays the name, gender, location, and time when it was created.

So, with such automated WordPress chatbots, you have a good insight of those chatting with your business, so that you can target them later.

lead data

4. Creating Q/As

Since Q/A is the brain of chatbots, we dedicate separate steps to it.

And remember, your chatbot reflects your intelligence.

Q/A depends on how intelligently you predict the queries and questions that a customer or prospect can ask, and how you train your chatbot to reply to that.

As an additional note, it must be made sure to timely update the Q/A section, based on the questions you receive from the customers, and also during festive sales or special occasions.

Because the more the Q/A, the more intelligent your chatbot becomes.

5. Ready to use Lead Generation Tool

After all the setting options, the chatbot is ready to interact with WordPress visitors. It appears on those pages that you allow. It appears on the types of devices you allow, and in the color you want, with the greeting and welcome message you have set.

Any visitor chatting with your bot on your WordPress website will appear in your Messenger inbox. So, you don’t need to look after any separate platform for WordPress and Facebook messenger marketing.


I believe — a WordPress chatbot can be a very good business friend!

And I guess,  after reading and learning, you too have the same opinion about them.

Lead generation is the biggest challenge. Messenger and chat marketing is a powerful way to attract visitor’s attention and engage them with your brand and generate good leads.

Research found that 40% of buyers like to chat and discover about products using chatbots. So, not using chatbots in your business will be a poor decision.

The setup steps are fairly easy and can be completed in just 5 simple steps. The plugin is available for free on the WordPress website.

Try it NOW.

Thank you for reading. For any doubt, comment below.

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